Workplace Accidents

Third Party Claims
Our office frequently pursues personal injury claims that can be filed when a workplace injury is caused by a party besides the injured employee's employer. These are called third party claims. For example, if injured at work while working on a defective piece of equipment, you may have a third party claim.

Protection For Injured Workers
A lot of clients are surprised with how poorly they are treated by their employer once they suffer an injury while on the job. Many injured workers understand that they are not getting treated properly after an injury occurs but they are afraid to take action because they really need the job and do not want to get fired. WE UNDERSTAND THIS. You are not alone. If you get terminated for filing a workers' compensation claim, this is considered wrongful termination and we will not allow your employer to get away with it.

Contact The Law Office Of Keith Short Immediately After You Have Suffered An Injury At Work
Workers' compensation claims can be very complicated. There are numerous rules which govern practice before the Workers' Compensation Commission. It is important that you contact the Law Office of Keith Short immediately after your workplace injury so that we can make certain that your claim does not become jeopardized by failing to adhere to the rules which govern Workers' Compensation claim practice.

We understand that you go to work every day and fulfill your duties so that you can provide financially for yourself and your family. Your employer's insurance company is hoping that you have no idea how to protect your rights when you get injured at work. That is where we come in. We have over two decades of experiencing in handling Workers' Compensation claims. We provide personal and attentive representation to anyone that needs help after suffering an injury while at work. Our guarantee to you is that you will not have a single question left unanswered. Our number ONE priority is making sure that you completely understand the entire workers' compensation claim process.

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The law states that money is the only remedy that we are entitled to. All workers' compensation claims are handled on a contingency basis. We do not get paid unless we settle your case or by being awarded an amount of money at trial.